Corona virus forces our temporary closure

April 1, 2020

I knew there were risks in keeping the soup kitchen open and we have taken every reasonable precaution to minimize the risks but we have not been able to eliminate the risks completely.
The increasing number of cases of the virus and deaths each day in the world and now in Suffolk County haunts us all day and night.
While I have many concerns for the needs of our guests I believe that the vast majority if not all can survive for a while without our help.
While I have tried to remain positive in our ability to carry out our mission, I fear for the welfare of our volunteers as well as our guests. The majority of our guests as well as our volunteers are in the high risk age group, many with compromised immune systems. No matter how hard we try we are unable to consistently maintain social distancing.

At this point I have decided to close the Soup Kitchen starting April 1, 2020. I believe that we can be part of the solution and help slow the spread of this deadly virus by staying home and isolating ourselves and the guests we serve from each other. I suspect that it will be more than a month before we can reopen. While there are no experts in this situation I believe that we should reopen when the health care professionals and officials reopen the schools or restaurants.